Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Harry's Wonderful Wand

Harry Potter is a craze that I am dumbfounded by. The way people go crazy over it makes me slightly ill. I just don't get it. And I totally judge those that get obsessed with it :) But I have a new respect for Harry Potter fans after the encounter I had last week. This is the story of Harry and his wonderful wand...

A couple weeks ago, a guy sent me a smile on adam4adam. I looked at his profile seeing a pretty good looking guy. 21, 6', 175, 7.5 cut cock. He was toned and nicely tanned. I emailed him back and we started to talk a bit. We exchanged more pics and information and decided to hookup later in the week.

Friday night rolled around and I was very ready to begin my weekend with some fun. I got off work around 4pm and hit the river with some friends. We swam and dicked around for a couple hours. I got back to my apartment around 8:30 and checked my email. I had a message from the aforementioned hottie.

"Hey C.C. You up for hanging out tonight? I have the place to myself tonight. Give me a call at..."

I grabbed my phone and dialed the number. After a couple of rings, he picked up.

"Hello?" a deep voice said.

"Hey, this is C.C. I just got your message."

"Oh, hey! Sweet. So are you free?"

"Yeah, I'm free all night."

We decided to meet at his place 45 minutes later.

I hopped in the shower to get the smell of river water and sunscreen of of my body. After getting done in the shower and drying off, I put on a pair of hot black boxerbriefs. Over those, I wore some black cargo shorts along with a yellow t-shirt and black flip flops.

I left my apartment and made my way over to his. He lived fairly close to me, about a 10 minute walk. I found his apartment number and knocked on the door. A couple seconds later, it was opened by a very cute guy. He was wearing black sweat pants and no shirt. His torso was more defined in person than it was in pictures. His black hair was damp and he smelled freshly showered.

"Hey, come on in," he said.


He closed the door behind me.

"You really need to update your pics. You are much hotter in person," I said with a smile.

He laughed. "Thanks. You look just the same as your pics."

"I hope that's a good!"

He walked over and put his arms around my waist. "It's definitely a good thing."

He leaned in and kissed me. His lips were velvety soft. I moved my hands up and down his naked back. His hands worked their way under my shirt and started to probe my chest. They finally found their destination as he tweaked my hardening nipples. I let out a soft moan. We continued to make out no more than 5 feet from the front door.

After about 10 minutes, he pulled off of my lips.

"Lets take this to the bedroom."

He grabbed my hand and led me down a dark hall to his bedroom. He opened the door and turned on the light. What I saw surprised the hell out of me. The walls of his room were COVERED with Harry Potter posters! He must have had 15-20 of them. I was completely thrown off and stopped walking.

He turned around and must have seen my confused look. "Yeah, I'm a bit of a Harry Potter fan."

"I see that," I said, bouncing back to reality.

"I promise you, I'm not a weirdo. I just love Harry Potter," he said with a nervous laugh.

I looked at him. He was fucking hot and cute. All my biases towards Harry Potter lovers went out the door.

"I think it's cute," I said, taking my shirt off.

With that, Harry (as he shall be known from here on out) quit being nervous. He grabbed me by the waist and shoved me on the bed. Crawling on top of me, Harry started kissing my chest. He kissed, licked and nibbled from nipple to nipple. I couldn't help but moan.

He worked his way down to my stomach while unbuttoning my shorts.

"Lift your ass," Harry ordered.

He pulled my shorts and underwear off with one yank. My hard cock flopped out and onto my stomach. It was leaking precum. Harry wasted no time taking my cock in his mouth. He took half of it in and started to suck me. He bobbed up and down on my hard rod, taking more and more of it in his mouth each time he went down. After a minute or so, Harry took all 7 inches of my hard dick in his mouth. He deepthroated me, his nose well nestled in my trimmed pubes.

"Oh fuck dude," I said panting. "Suck my dick!"

Harry continued sucking my rod for 5 minutes. Finally, he pulled of my dick and told me to lift my legs. I grabbed my legs and lifted them, exposing my pink hole. Harry dove into my hole with his tongue. He spread my cheeks as wide as the would go and went to town on my ass.

"Fuck... Fuck that feels good."

"You like my tongue in your hole?" Harry asked.

"I fucking love it!"

He continued to tongue fuck me. His tongue lubed and loosened my tight hole, getting it ready for the fucking it was about to receive.

"Fuck me!," I moaned. " I need you in me."

Harry stood up and spit in his hand. Smearing it on his hard dick, he looked at me. "I'm gonna pound you."

"Give me all you got," I said. Lust had taken over. I needed his cock in me. I needed to get pounded.

Harry lined his cock up with my hole and thrust forward slowly. I felt pressure as his head pushed at my hole. Finally, the pressure was relieved when Harry's head popped in my ass.

"Ohhh yeah," I moaned.

Harry started to slowly add more and more of his bare cock into my ass. He finally bottomed out.

"You ready?," he said, looking directly in my eyes.

"Fuck me."

With that, Harry pulled his cock almost all the way out of my dick and shoved it back in.

"OHHHH FUCK! Fuck my ass!"

Harry grabbed my legs by the ankles and started to pound me. His steel rod sent chills up my spine every time he thrust in and bottomed out. He pounded me, making me moan like the bottom bitch I was. After 5 minutes of intense fucking on my back, Harry pulled out.

"Get on all fours," he ordered.

I flipped around and got on my hands and knees. Harry got behind my and grabbed my hair. He slammed into my hole, making me scream, half in pleasure and half in pain. With one hand on my left shoulder, Harry pulled me into him with every thrust.

"Fuck, you are tight," Harry in his deep voice.

He released my shoulder and hair. I leaned my head and shoulders down onto the bed, leaving my ass in the air for him to pound. I began to stroke my cock with my right hand.

Harry continued to pound my ass. His cock felt amazing. He was doing everything right. I was in heaven. Pure ecstacy.

After a while, I felt my orgasm coming on.

"I'm gonna cum! Keep pounding me!"

Harry kicked it up a notch. That sent me over the edge. My cock spasmed and painted the bed with 6 huge shots of warm jizz. As I delivered my huge load, I got a little dizzy. Harry had just fucked the cum out of me.

Harry stopped fucking me after I was done cumming.

"Why did you stop?" I said after catching my breath.

"Most guys don't like to keep getting fucked after they cum."

"Well, I'm not most guys. Keep fucking me!"

With that, Harry started up again. It was like he never missed a beat. He hit my prostate, making me get hard again. I soon forgot I had just blew my load and started to stroke my hardening cock again.

5 minutes after I blew my first load, Harry was still pounding me. I was still stroking my dick and could feel another orgasm on the horizon.

"I'm gonna cum again!" I panted.

"I'm almost there too."

Harry grabbed both of my shoulders and began to assault my ass. Fast, powerful thrusts. He slammed into my prostate, sending cum shooting from my dick for the second time that night.

"Fuuucccckkkkkk!" was all I could say as I shot a decent size load.

My ass clenched as I shot and this sent Harry over the edge.

"Fuck! I'm cumming!"

With one last, powerful thrust, Harry's cock exploded in my well used hole, filling me with his hot load. His cock spasmed as he unloaded deep inside me. I could feel my hole become warm with his cum.

"Fuck! Fuck, fuck fuck!" Harry moaned.

He collapsed on my back, sending both of us into the bed. I lied there, Harry still deep inside me, catching my breath. Harry's warm breath and hot body covered me.

"Holy shit. That was amazing," he said, still breathing heavily.

I couldn't respond. I was in a daze. Having this hot guy in me and on me was all I needed.

After a couple minutes, Harry pushed himself up. He slowly pulled his still hard cock out of my cum-filled hole.

"Fuck dude, you are filled UP!"

"Just the way I like it!"

"We are definitely going to have to do this again," Harry said, as he climbed next to me on the bed.

"For sure. I'll take your load anytime you want."

I leaned into Harry and kissed his soft lips. He rolled on top of me and we made began to lightly make out.

After a while, we hopped in the shower. I got dressed and left Harry's. I met up with some friends at a bar and partied until last call with a huge load buried in my hole.


  1. Well, if there's anything I like more than eating out a nice wanting little asshole it's fucking after someone cums. Nice!

  2. So he's a big fan of Harry Potter like he's hot for the actor who plays him or he's just so into the books he has like 20 posters? Either way...huh.

    But otherwise sounds like you had a hot time with Harry.

  3. Thanks for another story! Keep posting. This is the hottest new blog I've seen in a long time!

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Bill - He is REALLY into the books and movies.