Friday, February 25, 2011

Sloppy Seconds for Jockguy

On my walk home from Mike's place, I got a call from Jockguy.

"Where are you?" he asked.

"On my way back to my place."

"From where?"

"A friend's." That was our code word for hook up.

"Oh, really? Feel like making it two in one night?"

I laughed. "Do you think I'm a whore or something?"

"No, of course not. Whores get paid... You're just a slut," Jockguy deadpanned.

"Wow, that was a me comment."

"Annoying, isn't it?"

"Slightly." I paused. I really needed to get home and start my paper. But I was always in the mood to see Jockguy. Sex or not. "Ok," I caved. "I'm a couple blocks away. I'll be there in 5 minutes."

As I made my way towards Jockguy's apartment, I got hard. I always did when I was headed to his place. There have been so many great memories there :)

After a couple minutes, I arrived and knocked on Jockguy's door. I heard footsteps, then the deadbolt unlock. The door opened and there was Jockguy, shirtless, in jogging pants.

"Come on in, sexy," Jockguy said, pulling me into a kiss. We kissed in the doorway as Jockguy ran his hands up and down my body.

"This is the best greeting I've ever received," I said as we ended our kiss.

"I missed you!"

"I saw you what... 8 hours ago?"

"Doesn't mean I can't miss you, jackass." Jockguy smiled.

"Well, I missed you too," I said as we walked into the front room and sat on the couch. Jockguy laid on his back, laying his feet and calves on my lap. I started to rub his feet.

Jockguy grabbed the remote and started flipping through the channels while I rubbed his feet.

After about 10 minutes and 6 times through the channels, Jockguy suggested a movie. Having blownoff my homework and paper for the night, I agreed.

"What do you wanna watch?" Jockguy asked, looking through his collection of dvds.

"I don't care," I replied honestly.

"You ALWAYS say that!"

"And I ALWAYS mean it!"

"Ok, but that means you can't bitch if you don't like it."

"Ok. Just don't pick something stupid then!"

"I hate you."

After about 5 minutes, Jockguy decided on "The Departed", which happens to be one of my favorite movies. Jockguy put it in the dvd player and resumed his position on the couch, this time his head in my lap.

Jockguy and I watch movies and tv the same way - silently. We don't talk. At all. We cuddle, hold hands, rub each other's feet, things like that but we never talk. I HATE when people talk during movies lol.

The movie ended and Jockguy turned the tv off. I was now the one getting my feet rubbed.

"Which 'friend' did you see?!"

"What?" I asked, caught off guard.

"Which 'friend' did you see earlier tonight." Jockguy gave me his trademark evil-smirk.

"What if I don't want to tell you?"

"Then I'll have to kick your ass." Jockguy stood up in front of me. "So, who was it?"

"Not telling!" I laughed.

Jockguy then did something unacceptable. He KNOWS I hate it. He KNOWS he's not supposed to do it... He reached down and started squeezing/tickling my knees.

I am EXTREMELY ticklish. And I hate it. I start to flail. My arms and legs go out in every direction. I fucking hate it!

"HEY! WHAT THE FUCK! STOP!" I screamed as I began to convulse and flail on the couch. Jockguy pounced on top of me and began tickling my sides.

"Better tell me! Who was it?!"

Jockguy had me pinned to the couch and all my flailing was ineffective.


Jockguy stopped the tickling but remained on top of me. I was huffing, trying to catch my breath.

"You are such... an asshole."

"You brought it upon yourself," Jockguy said with a smile.

"What's my number 1 rule?" I asked.

"No tickling. Under any circumstances," Jockguy replied, without hesitation.

"You just broke that rule."

"You aren't exactly in a position to lecture," Jockguy said as he grabbed my arms and pinned them to the couch.

He was right. If I didn't watch myself, he'd start again. I know when I'm beat.

"Ok, I'll tell you... Can I sit up?"

"No. I like this arrangement much better."

I couldn't help but smile as Jockguy sat on top of me, taking control of the night.

"I was at Mike's," I confessed.


"He fucked me."



"He cum in you?"


"Did you like it?"


"You want me to fuck you?"


"You want it hard?"


"You want me to cum in you?"


Jockguy released his grip on my arms and pushed himself up. He grabbed me and pulled me up off the couch. He started kissing and nibbling my neck. His 3-day stubble felt amazing on my skin. He kissed his way up my neck to my ear and began nibbling my earlobe, which drives me fucking WILD!

"I'm gonna make you forget every other guy you've ever been with," Jockguy whispered in my ear.

When he said that, I literally got weak in the knees. I felt myself melt. He could do to me whatever he wanted. I was all his. I knew it. He knew it. Hell, the coffee table knew it.

Jockguy grabbed me by the hand and marched me to his room. After closing and locking his door, he turned around and faced me. Leaning against his door, Jockguy stared at me. We made eye contact and kept it. It was almost as if we were eye-fucking.

After a minute or two, I needed real fucking. I undid my belt and jeans and let them slide to my ankles. My cock was rock hard and tented my boxer briefs. I had a huge wetspot in front from my pre-cum leaking cock. Jockguy responded by silently walking over to me. He reached down and cupped my hard dick and balls. He released them and used his hands to pull my shirt off.

Our bare chests and abs met as Jockguy pulled me closer. Our foreheads and noses touched. I could feel his warm breath on my lips. Our hands explored each other's arms, backs, sides, and asses.

Jockguys hands made their way into the waistband of my underwear. He slowly pushed them down and they fell to my feet. Jockguy reached his hands behind me and took grabbed my ass, one cheek in each hand. He pressed his lips to mine, opening them to allow our tongues to meet. As our kiss intensified, Jockguy's grip on my ass increased. He was now squeezing and pulling my ass apart.

Suddenly, without a word or warning, Jockguy's hands released my ass. He pulled away from our kiss and pushed me onto his bed. Before I knew it, Jockguy had his jogging pants off and was crawling on the bed naked.

We met and continued to makeout, our naked bodies rubbing against one another. Jockguy's hard dick pressed hotly against my stomach as he ground on top of me. He grabbed my wrists and pinned my hands above my head.

Jockguy pulled away from lips and move to my neck. He kissed and bit. He rubbed his stubble around, giving me an unbelievable sensation. His kissing and nibbling headed south from there. Along my pecs and nipples. Down my abs and treasure trail. Soon, he was kissing and licking around the base of my cock.

With his left hand, Jockguy grabbed my leaking dick and brought it to his mouth. He licked and sucked the stream of pre-cum flowing from the head. As he did that, his right index finger made it's way to my sloppy hole. Jockguy began sucking my cock and fingering my hole.

He took my cock all the way in his mouth and began flexing his neck muscles and humming. At the same time, he added his middle finger to my ass, as he fastly finger fucked me. I threw my head back and began moaning. I grabbed his silky hair and made his head bob up and down on my cock.

After a very short time, I was ready to shoot.

"You have to stop! I'm gonna cum!" I yelled, looking down at Jockguy.

But he didn't stop. He looked up at me and inserted a 3rd finger. He started finger fucking me even faster. I felt my nuts tighten. My cock began to tingle. My ass started clenching.

And just at that moment, Jockguy stopped. He pulled his fingers out and spit out my cock. That FUCKER!

Jockguy grabbed my legs and flung them over his shoulder. He leaned over and spit on his dick. After lining his cock up with my hole, he plunged it in. Having been both fucked and finger fucked in the last 4 hours, my hole was ready for it. It accepted his cock with little restraint.

As Jockguy filled me up in one swift motion, I instinctively grabbed my cock.

"No, no, no," Jockguy said, grabbing both my wrists and wrapping them in a tight grip. "You don't get off until I say so."

With that, Jockguy began to fuck me. He started slow, steady, and deep. He would pull almost all the way out and push all the way back in. He put his arms behind my legs and leanded forward, lifting my ass so he could get as deep as possible. Every now and then he would lean down and we would kiss. I was in heaven.

After his slow and steady fucking for who knows how long, Jockguy changed positions. Without pulling out, Jockguy put me on my side and spooned me. His sweaty chest and stomach stuck to my back, creating an intense heat. I turned my head so I could see Jockguy. He looked at me and smiled.

Jockguy slowly began fucking me again. I arched my back so I could get him as deep inside of me as possible. He perched himself up on his bedside elbow and began kissing my neck and shoulder. At the same time, he started to pick up speed in his fucking. He started slamming into my ass, sending shock waves throughout my body. He grabbed my waist with his free hand and began pulling my body towards him with every thrust.

I began moaning almost uncontrollably. Every thrust elicited another sound from deep inside of me. Jockguy's pounding got so hard, I felt like I was going to blackout. I literally got light headed. Everytime I thought that was as hard as he could fuck me, he kicked it up a notch. This was one of my top 3 hardest fucks. And it felt fucking AMAZING!

To be honest, I don't know how long he fucked me like this. It seemed like forever. I lost track of time. I lost track of everything except the feeling of Jockguy inside me.

Eventually, Jockguy released my waist and grabbed my cock. And within 3 jerks, I exploded. I shot a HUGE load. And I felt like I was high. I laid my head on the bed as the sensation of getting fucked and getting off became one.

The site of me cumming and my ass clenching must have set Jockguy off. After a couple more forceful thrusts into my used hole, he unloaded a massive load. I could feel his cock pulse in my ass as he seeded me. Jockguy let out an inaudible moan as he filled my chute with his hot seed.

Jockguy stayed buried deep inside of me. He grabbed me around the stomach and pulled me into a big hug. I turned my head towards him and we kissed.

I couldn't say anything. No words could have properly described what I was feeling. I let my body do the talking. I voiced my appreciation through the deepest kiss we have ever shared.

After our post-sex kiss, Jockguy wrapped his muscled arm around me and pulled me in as close as possible. Our hands and fingers intertwined as we laid in our sex induced ecstasy.

Just as I was about to fall asleep, Jockguy whispered in my ear.

"I love you."


  1. That's some majorly erotic writing!

  2. Finally, somebody says the 'L' word!

  3. Can I guess that you're next post will be about how you talked about how you love each other? You two seem perfect for each other.

    Although it did sound like Mike could be wanting something more with you in the last post. When's that threesome going to happen?

  4. Glad you guys like the post!

    This actually wasn't the first time one of us mentioned the "L" word! That happened a couple months ago :)

  5. can only say: love it !

  6. Hey guy. Just a heads up that google is taking down and restricting the owners of bareback blogs access to blogspot. They have taken mine down (bareback breeder boi) and a several other bareback blogs over the last couple weeks.I think they killed bitchboy's yesterday. My emails to them have gone unanswered for an explanation. So if you have anything (links, email that is associated with your account it will be lost. Good luck!

  7. Hot story! When will the two of you finally make this an exclusive relationship?

  8. This is a terrific post. I have to say, in response to fan of casey above, that an exclusive relationship is not necessarily better than other options for structuring a relationship. Only you two can decide what will work best for you both.

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