Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Beach Boys, Pt 2.

FINALLY! I am really sorry about the delay. I'm insanely busy with work and with school right around the corner. Most of my free time has been spent in bed... sleeping :( Anyways, without further delay, here is part 2 of the beach story!

The Beach Boys, Pt. 2:

I awoke the next morning spooning with Jockguy, his arms engulfing and pulling me close to his body. He was still asleep. I laid there, feeling him breathe in and out while he slept.

After about 15 or so minutes, I slowly turned in toward Jockguy's face. I moved as carefully and slowly as I could, as to not wake him. I was successful. I laid my head on Jockguy's chest, inhaling his wonderful scent. I closed my eyes and was soon asleep.

The next time I opened my eyes, Jockguy was not in the tent. Must have gone to the bathroom I thought to myself. I laid there, naked, falling in and out of sleep.

As I was just about to drift back to sleep, I heard a car pull up. A door opened and closed. Footsteps approached. The tent moved as someone unzipped the door. In popped Jockguy, fully clothed and holding two cups of coffee.

"I knew you'd still be in bed," Jockguy laughed as he zipped the tent. He handed me a nice, hot mocha. "Venti Mocha. Half the chocolate, two extra shots, no whip," he said.

"Wow, I've trained you well." I gave Jockguy a wink. "Thanks."

"Yes, yes you have." Jockguy kicked off his shoes, pulled off his pants and briefs, and got into the sleeping bag.

"You getting in bed naked is not the way to make me get up."

"Who said I wanted you to get up? We don't have to be anywhere. Hell, we can stay here naked all day if you want." Jockguy leaned over and lightly kissed my lips.

"That does sound fun. But if we drove all the way here, we should probably leave our tent. For at least an hour."

"Well, I've been away from the tent for 20 minutes. I need a break from the outside." Jockguy grabbed my cup and set it in the corner of the along with his. He pulled his shirt off and began kissing my chest.

"You horny fuck," I laughed as Jockguy kissed and licked his way down my chest to my abs and belly button.

By the time he reached my cock, it was hard as a rock. He grabbed it in his hand and immediately took it in his mouth. He began sliding his mouth up and down my shaft, taking it all the way to the base.

"Oh my God... Oh my God... Fuck."

Jockguy's free hand made it to my balls. It soon found it's way south. Jockguy began rubbing my hole. I felt his middle finger pop into my ass.

"Oh shit!"

Jockguy sucked my cock and fingered my hole. He had a rhythm with his mouth and finger that put me on Cloud 9. I laid my head back on my pillow and enjoyed it.

After a while, and much to soon, I felt my orgasm come on.

"I'm close," I said between moans.

Jockguy increased his suction and popped his index finger in my hole along with his middle finger. He pushed his fingers faster and deeper into my ass than he had before. Within 20 seconds, my cock exploded in his mouth.


My cock erupted, shooting a massive load of fresh cum down Jockguy's throat. He swallowed every last drop, keeping my cock in his mouth as it went soft.

"Well, looks like I don't need any breakfast!" Jockguy laid on top of me and kissed me. My load mixed with his coffee flavored saliva to create an amazing taste. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him as close to me as I could. We laid and made out for what seemed like forever.

After eventually getting dressed and out of the tent, Jockguy and I went for a drive up and down the coast. Every now and then, we'd stop and hit the beach. We walked the sandy beaches, throwing the football and enjoying the sun. On the rocky beaches, we explored and searched the tide pools. We stopped and ate at a mom-and-pop cafe for lunch. We ended up at a beach as the sun was starting to set. It was one of the best days I've had in recent memory.

After dinner, we headed back to camp. I started a fire and as it got dark, we sat together talking.

"This has been pretty awesome," I said.

"Told ya it would be fun." Jockguy smiled an arrogant smile.

"You are pretty proud of yourself, aren't you?"

"Yup. I didn't think you'd make it. You were whining SO much when I brought it up." Jockguy chuckled.

"Whatever! I could last twice as long as you could camping. I'm not the pussy that needed a pad to sleep on!"

"You can only do one thing better than I can." Jockguy said.

I waited for him to tell me what that one thing was. Finally I asked. "And what, exactly, is the "one thing" I do better than you?"

Jockguy looked me straight in the eye. "Run your damn mouth."

I jumped on Jockguy, pinning him to the ground he was sitting on. He was laughing his ass off. I flipped him onto his stomach and pulled his right arm behind his back and twisted it.

"Looks like I can wrestle better than you. Better make that two things I'm better than you at."

Jockguy was still laughing. I released his arm and started getting up to go back to my place by the fire. Before I knew it, I was on my back, Jockguy's chest bearing down on my own.

"One... Two... Three..." Jockguy said, hitting the ground like wrestling ref. "Nope, it's still only one thing you can beat me at."

Jockguy moved so his face was lined up with mine. The light from the fire danced off his face. His lips were slightly curled into his trademark smirk.

"I totally let you pin me," I said. "If I wanted to, I'd kick your ass."

Jockguy grabbed my arms and pulled them over my head. He pinned them to the ground.

"Man, you don't know when to give up, do you?," Jockguy said, smiling.

"Nope. It's one of the endearing things about me."

"I think you are confused by the meaning of 'endearing'. What you mean is 'annoying'."

"You know you love me."

"Sometimes. Other times I want to kill you."

"Which would this time be?"

"Not sure yet. On one hand, I want to take you into the tent and fuck you until one or both of us pass out. But on the other hand, if I were to kill you, this would be the perfect place to hide the body."

"That's quite a dilemma."

"Yes it is."

Jockguy leaned down and met his lips to mine. He released my hands from above my head and pulled me up into him. I opened my mouth and our tongues met. I pulled out of the kiss and lifted his hoody and shirt. I began kissing his bare abs. Jockguy took his hoody and shirt all the way off. I pulled him into my arms as I began sucking his hardening nipples.

Jockguy grabbed my shirt and ripped it over my head. He pressed his chest to mine as we embarked on an even more intense kiss. My hands were moving all over his bare back as we passionately kissed by the fire.

"We might want to take this into the tent before we get totally naked," Jockguy said as he broke our kiss.

I jumped up and had the tent unzipped in seconds. I shoved Jockguy in and followed him. Jockguy was completely naked before the tent door was all the way zipped. I followed suit and was quickly naked. Our naked bodies met as we rolled around on our sleeping bag.

I soon found myself staring at Jockguy's perfect hard dick. I wasted no time in taking it in my mouth. He tasted amazing, as he always does. I began to bob up and down on his awesome cock.

"Flip around," ordered Jockguy.

Without releasing his wet cock from my mouth, I turned my body so my cock was at Jockguy's mouth. He took it in his mouth and we both began sucking one another. Jockguy sucked my cock and started fingering my hole. After a couple of minutes, I was ready to explode.

"Fuck me, I'm almost ready to cum," I said, pulling up from Jockguy's cock.

Jockguy spit my cock out and immediately dove into my ass. He crammed his tongue as far into my hole as he could. I felt his hands grab my muscular cheeks and pull them apart, giving his tongue better access.

"Oh fuck!," I screamed. "That feels amazing!"

Jockguy continued to lube my hole with his tongue. I went back to sucking his gorgeous dick.

After a couple minutes, Jockguy pulled his tongue out of my ass.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard."

Jockguy got out from under me and positioned himself behind me. I was on all fours and presented him my eager hole. Spitting in his hand, Jockguy lubed his dick. He lined up his cock and started pushing it in my ass. His dick head popped in. He started to slowly push it in further.

Before he could push in a quarter of the way, I told him to stop.

"What's wrong? You ok?" Jockguy said, startled.

"I'm fine. I want you to shove your cock in all the way. One thrust."

I looked back and was met by a large smile.

Jockguy grabbed me by the shoulders.

"You sure?"

"Yeah. I want you to pound me as hard as you can."

Jockguy did as I asked. He thrust his cock straight into me while pulling me into him by the shoulders. In one thrust he was balls deep.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" I screamed. I was overwhelmed with intense pleasure and pain. Jockguy pulled almost all the way out before slamming all the way back in. Soon the pain disappeared and I was left with the best feeling in the world.

Jockguy continued to pound me. In and out, his cock assaulted my hole. Soon my normally tight hole was accepted his cock without difficulty. He continually hit my prostrate, sending shock waves up and down my body.

After what seemed like forever, I felt Jockguy slow down and tense up. He grabbed me around the waist, pulling me into his body. He reached around and took my cock in his hands. Furiously, he began jerking my dick and pounding my hole. Within a minute, I started to cum.

My ass clenched and my cock exploded in Jockguy's hand.

"Oh fuck! Oh My God!"

Jockguy stroked continued to stroke me as my cock spurted shot after shot. Within seconds of my last shot, Jockguy tensed up as he slammed into my hole.

"I'm cumming!" he groaned.

Releasing my dick, Jockguy pulled me into his body as he thrust his exploding cock into my used hole. Jockguy emptied his massive load deep inside my chute.

After he was done seeding my hole, Jockguy pulled his softening dick out. As he did, a stream of his cum trickled out of my gaping hole and down taint to my balls. Jockguy bent down and sucked my sack clean.

I collapsed onto the sleeping bag, panting and sweating. Jockguy laid beside me.

"Holy fuck," I said, finally able to catch my breath. "That was the best fuck ever."

I looked over at Jockguy. He looked at me and smiled. "Yeah it was. Your ass is fucking amazing." He grabbed my head and pulled me into a kiss. "And so are you."

Jockguy and I, after catching our breath, talked in bed for who knows how long. We eventually fell asleep, naked in each others arms.

The next morning, we woke up, exchanged bj's, broke camp, and left for home.


  1. Damn that's hot. The only thing that would be hotter is if you took video!

  2. damn, the 'beach boys' stories are so intense and so romantic. i love camping by the sea and sitting by the fire talking with my beloved people, especially with my bf. you're so lucky. gotta say i envy you !

  3. I wish I had my own Jockguy...your stories are intensly hot and yet at the same time incredibly cute.


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