Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Beach Boys, Pt. 1

I love the beach. More specifically, I love the Oregon coast. For those of you who have never been to the Oregon coast, you are missing out. It's some of the most beautiful coastline in the country. And the best part? EVERY inch of it is public land. There is no private ownership of beaches in Oregon. That means 300+ miles of diverse coastline is open for exploration.

The Beach Boys, Pt. 1

Jockguy and I were out at dinner about a week and a half ago. I had gotten out of class the week before and the rest of my summer was free, besides a couple days working. We had discussed taking a trip somewhere, either camping or getting a hotel.

"I'm kinda over the whole camping thing," I said. "I liked it when I was younger but now I prefer a mattress and bathroom."

"You are such a pussy!" Jockguy laughed. "Camping is awesome. Being outside and listening to the sounds at night. It's fun."

"The idea of camping is fun. I love being outside. I love curling up in a sleeping bag and hearing the sounds of the outdoors," I said. "But not having a shower or a sink. Or having to use an outhouse..." my whiny voice trailed off.

"Oh my god!" Jockguy gave me an aggravated look. "So, when did you have the surgery?"

"What?" I asked confused. "What surgery?"

"The surgery where you replaced your penis with a vagina," Jockguy deadpanned.

"Go fuck yourself!"

"I'm gonna have to fuck myself now that you HAVE A VAGINA!" We both started laughing.

"Seriously though. You, me, a tent, one sleeping bag? That would be A LOT of fun."

I knew he was right. My cock plumped up thinking about being naked with Jockguy in a tent, fucking wildly.

"Yeah, that sounds pretty hot. Fuck, alright. Camping it is."

"You are so easy! All I had to do was get us naked in a tent and you caved."

"I know. I actually want to camp. I just felt like whining a little." I winked at Jockguy.

"You are such a pain in the ass."

"Thanks," I replied. "So, where do you wanna go then? The beach?"

"Yeah, that's what I was thinking. The weather is supposed to be nice."

We continued to discuss our trip while we ate. By the time the check came, we had decided on which part of the coast we would stay at and what we would do there. We planned to leave that Friday, 3 days away.

Friday came quickly. I loaded my tent, sleeping bags, and clothes into my car and heading to pick Jockguy up. I went to his apartment and knocked on the door. A minute later, he opened the door, wearing only a towel.

"What the fuck!" I yelled in a mock-annoyed voice. "I've been ready to leave for an hour and you are still naked?!?"

"If you don't shut up, this will be that last time you see me naked this weekend!" Jockguy yelled over his shoulder while running to his room.

"Like you could holdout for a weekend," I muttered softly.

"I heard that!"

I walked down the hall and into Jockguy's room. He was completely naked, looking in his closet for something to wear. I leaned against the wall and admired his perfect body. Jockguy noticed and turned around, facing me. I lifted my eyebrows and motioned my head towards the bed.

Jockguy started laughing. "I thought we had to leave?!"

"Well, it's not like we HAVE to leave. Another 20 minutes isn't gonna hurt."

"If it was actually only 20 minutes, I'd say 'ok'. But you KNOW we will end up fucking for 2 hours, exhaust ourselves and bail on the trip." Jockguy turned back towards the closet and grabbed some clothes.

"Well, hurry the fuck up then!" I yelled, laughing.

"Watch it! That's 2 strikes," Jockguy replied.

"How many do I get?"

"You are only supposed to get 3 but I always give you about 20."

"And my looks pay off again!"

"God, you are annoying," Jockguy said, pulling a pair of cargo shorts on.

"Whatever. You love it."

Jockguy smiled and slipped into some flip flops. He grabbed a backpack from his bed and headed out the door. I followed him. He locked up the apartment and we got in the car.

"How long is the drive?" Jockguy asked as we pulled out of the parking lot.

"About an hour or so. Which means I expect roadhead AT LEAST twice."

"You better stop and get a hooker then."

"Don't tempt me!"

The drive to the beach was nice. The weather was perfect; sunny, warm and and not a cloud in sight. Jockguy and I talked the whole way there.

About an hour after leaving Jockguy's apartment, we arrived at the beach. We found our campground. It was a first come, first serve campground. We drove around, looking for a private, secluded campsite. Luckily, the campground was practically empty. We found a nice spot under some trees, about 50ft. away from the next closest site. I pulled in to the spot and shut off the car.

"Ok, go put up the tent while I sit here and watch," I said straight faced.

Jockguy punched me in the shoulder. "Get your ass up and help me!"

We grabbed the tent and put it up. I grabbed my sleeping bag and clothes and threw them in the tent.

"Did you bring padding to sleep on?" Jockguy asked.

"Uhhh, no. I've never used padding."

"But the ground is hard. That's gonna suck."

"Who has the vagina now?"

Jockguy stared at me and then started laughing.

"We can stop and grab something when go to dinner," I said, heading towards the car. I grabbed my camera and a football. "Let's head down to the beach."

We walked about half a mile before reaching the beach. Everything was perfect. The weather was awesome, the beach was empty and I was with Jockguy. We threw the football back and forth for a while, talking.

After about 20 minutes, we decided to walk towards a group of rocks south of us about half a mile. We walked along the edge of the water, Jockguy's arm around my waist. I stopped every now and then to take some pictures... and to kiss Jockguy. If I hadn't been afraid of getting sand in my crack, I would have taken him right there ;-)

We reached the rocks and began exploring them. For those of you who have never been to the Oregon coast, it isn't just sandy beaches. We have those, but we have so much more than that too. My favorite thing to do is go out on the rocks when the tide is out and look at the tide pools. Jockguy and I did this, finding sea urchins, starfish, rock fish, sea anemones, crabs, and a very phallic looking sea cucumber-type thing. We walked and searched the rocks for at least an hour.

"You ready to go grab some dinner?" Jockguy asked. "I'm starving."

"Yeah, me too."

We made our way up the beach and back to the campsite. I went to the tent to change my clothes. Standing in my underwear about to put on a pair of jeans, I felt a hand on my ass. I turned around and saw Jockguy giving me a devious smile.

"I thought you were hungry? And if you say 'I am. I'm hungry for cock', I'm getting in the car and leaving you."

Jockguy started laughing. He didn't say anything. Instead, he moved his hand under the waistband of my underwear, pulling them down. Soon the were at my feet. Jockguy got onto his knees and began licking my soft cock. He took it into his mouth where it began to swell.

"Fuck, I love your mouth," I said, grabbing Jockguys head with both of my hands.

My cock was now fully hard. I began to thrust my hips and slowly facefuck Jockguy. He took my cock to the base with every thrust. His right hand found it's way to my ass, where it began probing my hole. He continued to suck my dick and rub my hole.

After about 10 minutes, I was ready to explode.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum!"

Jockguy deepthroated my cock and slipped his middle finger up my ass at the same time. That sent me over the edge.

"Fuuuuccckkkk!" was all I could say. My balls emptied into Jockguys mouth. 5 or 6 huge jets of cum shot into his mouth and down his throat. Jockguy swallowed every drop. He kept my cock in his mouth until it went soft. He then pulled up and gave me an intense kiss. I could taste my cum on his tongue. Jockguy pulled away and smiled.

"You ready to go to dinner now?" He unzipped the tent and walked towards the car. I just stood there, still in a daze.

"You coming or not?" Jockguy called out. I snapped out of it, got dressed and got in the car.

"Where do you wanna eat?" I asked.

"I don't care. What ever you want."

We drove into town and found a cool restaurant on the river that empties into the ocean. We talked and ate for about an hour and a half. I was in heaven. Just being with Jockguy is fun. We finished our meal and headed back to the campground.

On our way back, Jockguy spotted a sporting goods store.

"Pull over and lets get some kind of pad or foam to sleep on."

I pulled over and we went intot he store. We found the camping section and the sleeping mats. Jockguy looked intense as he compared the different thicknesses.

"Does it really matter?" I asked. "I'm gonna pound you so hard, you won't care what you sleeping on."

He looked up at me with a smile. "I don't wanna hurt my back."

I coughed and said "pussy!" at the same time.

Jockguy stared at me.

"Strike 3?" I asked.

"And 4!"

Jockguy grabbed the thickest, biggest foam pad at the store and bought it. I also grabbed some firewood. We headed back to the campground.

When we got there, Jockguy went into the tent and set the bed up. I strated a fire in the fire pit. The sun set and the air became cool. The fire warmed us as the night went on. Jockguy and I sat around the fire, talking and holding each other. Around 11pm, we decided to head to bed.

I followed Jockguy into the tent. I got in and zipped up the tent behind me. When I turned around, Jockguy was lying on our bed.

"Come here, sexy," Jockguy said.

I kicked off my shoes and shirt and laid next to Jockguy. We began to kiss.

"This is foam is awesome!" I said, breaking our kiss.

Jockguy pulled my lips back to his, not replying. His hands moved up and down my back and stomach. Jockguy turned me on my back and climbed on top of me.

"Fuck, you are hot," I moaned.

We continued to makeout and grind against each other. I put my head under Jockguys shirt and felt his ripped stomach. I love his body.

Jockguy sat up and pulled his shirt and sweatshirt off, revealing his tan and toned torso. He grabbed my hands and pinned them above my head.

"I told you this would be fun,' Jockguy said with a huge smile.

"Anywhere with you is fun."

"Wow, a compliment. I was expecting some smart ass comment that I would make you pay for later."

"The nights not over yet," I laughed.

Jockguy leaned down and began kissing my neck. I started to maon. He kissed and licked my neck, then moved down to my chest and began sucking and nibbling my nipples. From there, he moved down my abs to the top of my jeans. Jockguy unlatched my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. Before I knew it, I was completely naked. Jockguy stood and kicked his shorts and underwear off. His big, 8in cock sprung to attention. He got back on top of me, smothering my body with is own. Our hard dicks rubbed against each other, both getting coated with a mixture of out precum. We kissed and rolled around, both getting warm and sweaty.

Eventually, I ended up on top of Jockguy. I straddled him so his hard cock was against my waiting hole. Jockguy spit in his hand and rubbed it on his dick and on my ass. I grabbed his cock and guided towards my hole. When it was in position, I lowered myself onto it.

"Ohhhh, fuck! I love that ass!" Jockguy moaned.

I lowered myself all the way down on Jockguys cock. The pleasure overrode the pain. I leaned down and kissed Jockguy while my hole got used to the familiar dick inside it.

After a couple minutes, I wispered in Jockguy's ear. "I'm ready."

With that, Jockguy began to buck his hips, sending his raw cock in and out of my ass. He gabbed my waist and held it down while he thrust into my hole. I began to kiss him ass he statred pounding my hole.

"Fuck... Fuck me... Harder..."

Jockguy hugged me around the waist and in one move, flip us, so I was on my back and Jockguy was on top of me. He grabbed my legs and began to pound my ass.

I grabbed my cock and began to furiously jerk it. Jockguys cock was hitting my prostrate, sending wave after wave of pleasure through out my body. He continued to pound away.

After about 10 minutes, I was ready to cum. I pumped my cock as fast as I could.

"I'm cumming! Im cumming!" I yelled.

My cock erupted, shooting a hot load all over my chest and stomach. One shot hit my neck and cheek. Jockguy conntinued to fuck me.

"Get on your hands and knees," Jockguy said, pulling out.

Covered in my own hot cum, I hopped up onto my hands and knees, presenting my ass for Jockguy. He got behind me and guided his cock to my hole. He stuck just the head in. Grabbing my shoulders with each hand, Jockguy got ready to pound.

"You ready?" he asked, panting.

"Pound me!"

Gripping my shoulders, Jockguy thrust his big cock all the way into my hole. I instantly became hard again. Jockguy assaulted my ass, pulling out almost all the way, then cramming back in. After a couple of minutes, I was ready to cum again. I grabbed my cock and began to stroke while Jockguy pounded me from behind.

"You want my load?" Jockguy moaned.

"Yeah, cum in my hole!"

Jockguy grabbed me around the waist and with one last thrust exploded into my used, slutty hole. I felt the warmth of his jizz as he seeded me. I began cumming for the second time in 10 minutes.

I collapsed on the sleeping bag, pulling Jockguy down with me. He laid on top of me, his cock, and load, buried deep inside me. We laid there, catching our breath.

Eventually, Jockguy pulled out, leaving my hole slightly gaping and and filled with cum. I turned towards Jockguy and we began to kiss and cuddle. After a couple minutes, we got into the sleeping bag.

"This kicks the shit out of a hotel, doesn't it?" Jockguy asked.

"Yeah, it really does. I'm really glad we did this," I replied kissing Jockguy.

We made out and talked for another hour or so before falling asleep in each other's arms.


  1. Niiiice bro. Outdoor/camping sex. Sounds like it was good times. The hottest thing about the entry, though, is the way you describe the rapport between you and Jockguy.


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