Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Moving On

First, I want to thanks everyone for all the comments and the emails. Again, while I might not respond to them all, I do read and appreciate them. I like hearing back from you guys :)

I got a couple questions about my break up with Jockguy. It wasn't really anything blog-worthy. No huge fight or movie scene break up. We both knew things weren't right and weren't heading in a positive direction. It was amicable and, honestly, boring. He came over, we talked for about 20 minutes, and he left. I'd say we parted on friendly terms. We don't hang out a lot but it's not too weird when we do. At the same time, we haven't been alone together since the break up. The few times we've hung out it's been in a group setting with friends as buffers. So, who knows how amicable we really are lol.

Since the break up, I've been slowly (for me lol) getting back out there. It's weird that even though I was in an open relationship, once it was over, I quit having sex all together. I needed a break from people and intimacy. After a month or so, I started getting back in the saddle. The first couple times it was making out with random people at parties. At one party, I made out with a really cute freshmen. He was around 5'8'', 140lbs with brown hair. We made out in a laundry room for about 30 minutes. It was pretty fun, in a high school kinda way :)

After a couple make out sessions with some guys (and 1 girl lol), I started hooking up. It was mostly with random guys and I mostly topped. None were particularly memorable. They'd come over or I'd go to them, we'd blow each other for a couple minutes, then I'd fuck them. I don't think I was quite ready for anything emotional. I just needed (or wanted) to get laid.

After about 5 of the random, no name fucks, I was craving something better. I missed being with someone and actually caring about whether they were having fun. So I decided to contact a couple guys I like enough to fuck and hang out with. Mike was the first on the list...


  1. I'm all for open experimenting to try to figure out what you really want out from another guy, but doesn't it get old after awhile without any emotional connection? I know to some guys, hooking up is all about the sex but for me and many others, eventually there is a need to be connected in a deeper way with another guy, which is another way of saying one is looking for love.

    You had love with Jockguy and yet you both couldn't make it work -- is there something in your life experience that just makes you restless?

  2. Bi BB Guy in OR funApril 4, 2012 at 3:01 PM

    Can't wait to hear about Mike.

  3. Still around? I am really eager to hear your new hookup stories.

  4. I keep coming back in hopes you get interested in blogging again.

  5. I JUST found this blog... It's so hot. It sucks you aren't here anymore, though :(

    But it's good to know a hot guy like you is having a good time ;)

  6. When are you coming back? Miss your stories of exploration and introspection.